What Is A Squeeze Page?

Do you know what a squeeze page is? Let me share with you just what a squeeze page is and what it is used for.

The squeeze page is the most important page of your website. This is the page where you will invite the viewer to enter their name and e-mail address, this information is then used with your auto responder for follow up messages.

Keep your squeeze page interesting, add your company name make sure that the title stands out so that it catches the viewers eye. Add a few lines about yourself keep it short and to the point, no one wants to read your life history at this stage. Adding a photo of yourself is also a good idea it will make you more real, make sure it is a good one though.

Another attention grabbing idea is to add a video to your squeeze page, this will definitely get the viewers attention, you can then suggest on the video that the viewer adds their name and e-mail address in your opt in box for further information.

Testimonies are also a good idea to add to this page, this can include customers who may have purchased from you saying how pleased they were with your product. This will make the viewer more interested in your product an encouraging them to fill in their details to find out more information. This is obviously what this page is designed for.

Always offer something for FREE on this page, people love this, after all everyone like something for nothing. Make sure your free gift is a quality product say for instance an e-book or a video course, something that will make it worthwhile for the viewer to sign into your opt in box to requesting more information.

Getting your squeeze page set up and ready to go is essential for your business. This will of course be of no use to you if you do not get traffic to visit your page. There are many ways you can drive to your site. Online advertising is a good place to start, there are lots of FREE sites online where you can advertise. Social networking sites, article writing, keeping a blog on a regular basis being just a few.

When you start it is best to just start with just one form of advertising, build and master this on a daily basis before moving to the next.

Driving traffic to your squeeze page is essential to help grow and build your online business. Once you have the viewers interest and they sign into your opt in box, you can then build a relationship with that person with regular auto responder messages. The end target is hopefully that person will purchase from you.

So act now set up your squeeze page and build your list of subscribers to your site. Then the rest will then be history.

Good Luck.

Source by Tricia Connolly

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