# on Twitter – What Does a Hashtag Mean?

A Hashtag or # is a way to gather information about a specific topic on Twitter. It is on its way metadata on a number of Tweets, which deals with the same subject or event.

Since the amount of Tweets is increasing constantly, it is necessary to use common denominators that can classify content in a number of boxes. Some believe it goes beyond the way in which communication takes place through Twitter but Twitter hash tag – is here to stay.

How you create a new topic or event is simple – just use the # before the word. It is of course most obvious to use an existing hashtag – or to choose a new to a particular event.

Existing # tags and which ones are most used, can be followed through Hashtags tagzam.org. Since coming also with the definition of what # is – and the use of # hashtag:

    Hashtags tagzam are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. They're like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your post. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag.

There are also a number of other tools where Twitter hash tag is used as a common denominator. Wthashtag.com is a kind of wiki, where everyone can edit and add new or existing hash tags. Similarly Twemes.com gives an insight into the events that are interesting right now.

# hash tag is used mainly for conferences and events where there is a chance to live blogging. There is often a major amount of tweets and thus can bring together all interested on the same topic. Therefore, it is equally important that the conference quickly draws attention to the phrase, ie. the hash tags are used for just the conference. In New York, there is currently a major search conference where interested parties can follow via # sesny. It could in principle just as well have been seen or # # sesnewyork but organizers communicated quickly # sesny out.

Most importantly, it is – the same roof – used consistently on the same event.

Source by Mads Vangsoe

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