How to Get the Best Concert Tickets

It is everyone's desire to get the top seat at a concert. However, these tickets are elusive because the need to find out ways through which you can find them without too much hassle. Overall, you not only need to know where to look but also have patience because there are certain things that you need to put up to get these tickets.

There are various tips that you need to master in order to be able to find the best concert tickets without having to pay exorbitantly for them. First, you can consider sites like Craigslist among other local forums. This is because, most people usually buy their tickets in advance but experience a change of plan that leaves them with no other option than selling them. As such, you may find these concert tickets at full price or less because those who purchased them do not want to lose all their money. The beauty of these forums is that you will not only find the best tickets but you might enjoy great discounts as well because the people selling them are keen on recovering their money before the convert is held. You will also need to be on the lookout for those people who are out to make a kill by selling extra tickets that they purchased at inflated prices. Most importantly, ensure your safety through the transaction.

Although it is widely believed that ticket pre-sales are the best way to getting the best concert tickets, this is not always true and as such you need to avoid falling for this hype. In fact, you can only tell whether you will get the best seats during the actual sale so you will do well to wait until this time. Another tip to getting the best concert tickets is by following up on the tickets that are sold out. This is due in some instances, credit card orders may be returned and the seats are not released for purchase immediately. In addition, some tickets may be initially reserved under the corporate pool to cater for the family, friends and crew of the artist or even company employees, guests as well as executives but they end up being unclaimed. Thus, you can always get the best concert tickets even after being shut out of the initial ticket sale. All you need to do is follow up aggressively, if possible check daily.

Joining online communities for artists you want to see is also another great way of being able to find the best concert tickets. These forums often have message boards where you are guaranteed to find ticket reselling. In most cases, the sellers are not allowed to resell these tickets for more than their face value. Finally, considering having several websites that are dedicated to ticket sales where you can receive first hand information on the best discount and affordable tickets to different concerts, movies and sports events. Most of these sites allow you to compare prices or even conveniently make your ticket purchase on phone. In conclusion, although it is not easy to find the best concert tickets before pre-sales, you can find them through the tips discussed above.

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