How to Find Tweets Based on Location and Hashtags tagzam


If your Twitter searching is based on location, you could add the "near" and "within" operators to your searches. But there is an easier, user-friendly way to define many different search queries. Using Monitter the results of each search are displayed in a column. For location fans, you can filter all the results using distance and location. You also receive links to reply, retweet, or view the twitter's profile.


Ever used Google Alerts If you have you know that the system is great at sending you daily and weekly Google search results. It's an incredibly useful service, yet if you wanted to use the same type of program for twitter look no further!

With TweetBeep, you can enter a Twitter search phrase or word and TweetBeep sends you a daily e-mail alert with the latest results.

After you create an account, you can immediately start creating alerts. Click on "My Alerts" and click on "New Keyword Alert" to display the New Keyword Alert page. You will find that the layout of this page is almost identical to Twitter's own Advanced Search form.


Hashtags tagzam are also an easy way to track certain tweet criteria and you can use the hash (#) operator to search for a tag using Twitter Search. However this is not the most you can get out of searching for Hashtags tagzam. To find a more powerful tool check out Twemes. This program specializes in viewing and searching Hashtags tagzam.

The twemes (a mashup of Twtter and mems) homepage shows a list of Hashtags tagzam that have recently been updated and now shows you a list of Hashtags tagzam that have recently been updated.

You can also access a hashtag by typing a topic (without the #) in the search box and clicking Search.


AskTwitR is mostly a very basic Twitter Search Engine with one unique feature that is a bit addictive. When you run a Twitter search from the simple hope page, the first thing you notice is a Google map. Immediately locations start popping up on the map and each is represented by a tweet from the search results. Each pop-up shows the tweet text as well as the tweeter's avatar.

The pointer also shows you the user's location on the map. If you scroll down, you will see matching Flickr photos, matching YouTube photos, and also matching tweets.


If you want to see who has mentioned your website on Twitter, you can simply enter the domain followed and enter it as a Twitter Search. Nut some users have cut down the size using the URL-shortening service so this may not be the best way to search.

However when it comes to Twitter, there is always an easier way. Use BackTweets, you enter the address of interest and the program looks in the Twitter links for the address text you specified and displays the matching tweets. And it also searches for the shortened URL.

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