Complete List Of Google Easter Eggs

Google is no doubt the best search engine today. The key reason of Google's success is fast response and very good search results. The updates in its algorithms are for us to get the best content available on the internet (Do not worry if you do not get it).

Apart from giving excellent results, Google occasionally introduce Easter eggs for fun and entertainment for us. Here we will see the Easter eggs and some of the hidden jokes on Google.

1. Pacman

Are you fan of Pacman? Google Pacman is here at your service. Go to "" and start playing Pacman. No installation, and no loading Just click in the middle and start eating those dot to get points.

2. Google

If something is Askew it means it is not straight. Google has its own way of describing what askew means and you do not have to do much. Just type "askew" in your Google search bar and see what happens. You will love it

Tilt also do the same. Type " tilt " in Google search bar, the output will be the same.

3. Binary

Binary code is the digital representation of data. In other words it is the only thing which computers understand. It is the representation of any data using only 1s and 0s. Google again has its own way of showing binary. Just type and search binary in Google search bar and see the number of searched pages.

4. Gravity Trick

Another physics law explained by Google in a great manner. Gravity is Newton's discovery, it is a force which pulls every thing towards the center of the earth. Google Gravity and click on "I am Feeling Lucky" and you will see the page going down due to gravity.

5. Do A Barrell Roll

Getting bored? Make Google spin 360 degrees. Just type " do a barrell roll " on Google and make Google go all crazy.

6. Recursion Google

How many times do you have Google for checking your spelling mistakes? Try typing the word "recursion" on Google and Google will keep on asking did you mean recursion? Sorry Google can not help you in this.

7. Zerg Rush

Want a surprise? Type " zerg rush " in Google's search bar and wait for the Os from Google to eat up all the search results. You can click on the Os to make them vanish and earn your self some points. At the end you can submit those points on your Google+ profile.

Some More Easter Eggs

We found some more Easter eggs but they did not work. Still we are sharing them with you. If they work do share your experience with us in the comments below.



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